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Please find the person or department you wish to contact below:

Albany Headquarters: (518) 489-8451
Title Name Ext. Email
President Jay Bindell 8505 Send Email
Chief Operating Officer Paul Trawinski 8502 Send Email
Chief Financial Officer Andy Rosen 8454 Send Email
Accounts Receivable Michelle Licari 8474 Send Email
Credit Manager Mark McMullen 8540 Send Email
Counter Sales Manager John Freihofer 8598 Send Email
Data Processing Manager Richard Keeler 8445 Send Email
Director of Purchasing David Rich 8503 Send Email
Office Manager Gus Lento 8531 Send Email
Quotation Manager Martin Delaney 8523 Send Email
Quotation Manager Mike Toth 8473 Send Email
Warehouse Manager Jeff O’Brien 8452  
City/State Sales William Barringer 8507 Send Email
Commercial Lighting Division Karl Pedersen 8550 Send Email
GM, Showroom Operations Mickey LaPoint 8524 Send Email
Schenectady Branch Manager AJ ST. Denis 8215 Send Email
Saratoga Showroom Sales Paul Soroko 8312 Send Email
Saratoga Branch Manager Glenn Nelson 8314 Send Email
Kingston Branch Manager Tony Gougoutris 8610 Send Email
Albany Showroom Manager Larry Bloomer 8570 Send Email
Director of Warehouse Operations Keith Lamphere 8568 Send Email